Best spring jacket for your body shape

4 Apr

Ladies, it’s time to finally put away those heavy winter coats. But for many of us, it’s still not quite warm enough yet to not wear one. Here’s a great ‘how-to’ guide from for finding the perfect spring jacket for your body shape.  Many of us, don’t probably thing of a jacket making or breaking the way we look. But believe it or not, a jacket is a very important accessory that should continue to reflect your style.

If you are boy-shaped: Go for a classic cropped jacket with fun details. Try not shy away from decorative details like shimmer and zippers—you’d be surprised on how you can really pull them off. By adding these details, it helps add curves.

You can find a really cute one at or

If you are petite: Go for narrow sleeves and high armholes to get the right fit; or you can go for a sporty but fitted jacket.  My favorite is the fitted one button jacket.

You can check them out on or

If you are plus-size: Go for a drapey-shaped jacket. Also, a slightly curved bottom can work wonderfully. It makes your waist look narrower but still provides tummy coverage. Easy trick, fab results. (This works for anyone apple-shaped, too!)

Check out some cute jackets at or

And lastly, what’s great about a spring jacket is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money! They can be trendy and really reflect your style year to year.

Happy Spring!!


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