Want to look younger? ~ Part 2

23 Nov

At the age of 32, I never took much thought to really having to worry about wrinkles. This was until I had the opportunity to test out Olay’s Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol kit and the Olay Pro-Acne Protocol. Let’s just say, at the end of the trial, I absolutely LOVED it!!!

When I first received it, I started my nightly regimen. I would wash my face and then use the Eye Restoration Complex. I really liked how it did not feel greasy while putting it on and it always rubbed in evenly. After that I would apply the Wrinkling Smoothing Cream (genius) all over my face and neck. I felt that this made my face feel really smooth but I would wake up with a shine in the morning (not sure if this was just me- haha). In the morning, I would use the Olay Pro-Acne Protocol kit. I would use the Pore Clarifying Cleanser (I replaced my facial cleanser with this for the time being) and then I would use the Skin Clearing Treatment. I tried to use the lotion, but I liked the way the face lotion for the Pro-X Age Repair Lotion felt on my face. I did try the Complexion Renewing Lotion for a few days but switched back to the other. I am thinking that I would maybe alternate between the two. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with these products and continue to be happy with Olay. I have been using Oil of Olay proudcts my whole life and their products have never failed me. My skin is clear, soft, moisturized and looking great. I’m so glad I got to sample this!!! And you should too!! πŸ™‚

Check out all of Olay’s products at www.olay.com or visit your local drugstore. Make sure to look for coupons to save on these fabulous products!!!

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol

Olay Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Kit


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