It’s like the ocean in a bottle

8 May

Even after having the Keratin treatment done in the past, I love that I can still get my curls back. This product made my hair almost exactly like it is when I’m at the beach. I really liked how it had that salty, beachy feel and look but yet my strands were still soft and manageable.Β  I did notice that after each day that I used it, I had to make sure I used a little bit more conditioner in my hair to get the knots out. When using this product, I tried it with both wet/damp hair and letting it air dry, as well as using it on my already dried hair. This is when I liked it the best.Β  I actually ended up with a fuller look and bigger curls. I also liked that when I needed to ‘touch up’ my strands for at night, the heat from the curling iron really made them stay in.

This is definitely a product I will continue to use and recommend. I wouldn’t use it every single day, but definitely on the days that are rainy and humid. I have now relearned to love my curls.

Thanks Glamour for allowing me to test out this fabulous product!!!

You can find it at your local Sephora


First day of using the product. I towel dried my hair, sprayed the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and then scrunched my hair with a diffuser.


On this day, I sprayed onto my damp hair and used no diffuser. This is just letting it air dry.


This one is my favorite. I blew dried my hair like normal, with a big round brush earlier in the day. I then sprayed the Bumble and Bumble onto my dry hair. After, I scrunched it and added some hair spray. When I got home from work and needed to get ready for later, I took my curling iron, and just grabbed big chunky sections of my already then curly hair and wrapped it around the curling iron. Once you are finished, run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up, add some hair spray and voila! Beachy waves.


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