Learn to “Take 5….”

3 Oct

Do you find yourself never being able catch your breath or find a minute in the day to just sit and relax?? Always running around ‘like a chicken with no head’ and feeling like you never have a minute just to yourself. If you’ve answered yes to either question or find yourself shaking your head in agreement, I hope I can help you by saying, “You are not alone. I’m right there with ya.”

In this day and age, women of all ages and situations (and yes, men too), push their ‘me’ time aside to please everyone else. I, for one, recently have been so consumed by work, grad school, and other situations, that I haven’t had a moment to just be by myself and enjoy my ‘me’ until this past weekend. We all need that time to rejuvenate ourselves, whether it be by getting a manicure, going to a movie, or grabbing a book and hanging out in Starbucks for a little while.

By giving ourselves that precious time, we learn to calm our emotions, learn to think straight again, and face the everyday struggles of life with fresh eyes. If we don’t, we become snippy, short, cranky and emotional. A roller coaster I’m sure none of us really want to be on. We are doing a disservice to ourselves and the people surrounding us if we allow ourselves to get to this point.

If you are thinking “yes, I would love to be able to just step away but I have kids, work long hours, etc.” don’t panic. There are still ways for you to get yourself back on track. I’ve compiled a list of things that I love to do or try my best to make time for doing and I hope that you can find some of them helpful. If you have any ideas or suggestions that could help the rest of us, feel free to comment.

1. Go for a run. ( If you can’t make time for this, or hate to run, on your lunch break maybe go for a nice brisk walk. We all know Vitamin D does a body good. Plus it’s great to get out of the office scene and clear your head. Change up the scenery.)

2. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure. (If you can’t afford these often, it’s all the more a treat. I for one usually paint my own nails, so when I do go for one or both, this treat is truly cherished.)

3. Go to the gym. (I am guilty of not going as often as I should. But we all know how great we feel when we leave there. If you can’t do the gym on your own, grab a gym buddy. It definitely helps.)

4. Grab a coffee/dinner with a friend(s). (Put those phones on vibrate and fully commit to spending time with one another.)

5. Grab a magazine or a good book to read for pleasure. (This is one of my guilty pleasures that I can never get enough of.)

6.  Blast that music, open the sunroof and take a ride to the beach. (Even if it’s cold, I pop the sunroof, put the heat on blast on my feet and still blast my music. There’s nothing like that feeling of open air, good music and the sight of the ocean.)

And last but not least…..

7. Simply, take a nap or just relax on your couch. (Don’t you dare feel guilty about it!! Your body needs resting time, so just do it.)


I hope some of these if not all could help you. I know they help me and I have to constantly remind myself it’s okay to have my ‘me’ time, especially on the weekends and not want to talk to a soul. We all need it every once in a while, and if we do, everyone will feel so much better.


Happy relaxing and don’t forget~Go to your happy place!




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