Weekend Favorites

3 Nov

With Hurricane Sandy blowing through this past week, there are so many images that saddened me, including the ones here in my home state of lil’ Rhody. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from last week and this week. These are things that made me smile, chuckle or get creative. Hope all of my east coasters are hanging in there!!! We’re all praying for you!!

Favorite TV episode: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I have to admit, I DVR and faithfully watch Ellen every.single.day. She always puts me in a good mood, gets me to literally laugh out loud and I love seeing all of the good she does for people. This past week she had her HallowEllen show and let me tell you, I think my neighbor heard me laughing out loud by myself. Haha!


Favorite Candy Treat: Twix & Kit Kat

Last week I found myself in Target (bad move right there), I had a list needing to pick up some things before the storm came. I found myself in the Halloween section (I have no business being in this section. I have no children nor trick or treaters) and I bought a bag of Twix and Kit Kat. Who am I!?! Let’s just say every day I have decided I deserve a treat every day. So much for sticking to my healthy eating!


Favorite Halloween Movies:  Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus

For as long as I can remember, my sister and I always used to watch Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic when we were younger. Now that we are all grown up, this still hasn’t stopped us. These two movies are my all time favorites for this time of year and I will never get sick of them.


Favorite Fall Project:  Mantle over my fireplace

Ever since I moved into my condo almost 6 years ago, I look forward to decorating my mantle above my fireplace. Each night when I come home, I love turning on the lights right above and seeing the fall decorations. It’s so relaxing.



Hope you all had a great month of October!! Bring on November!



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