Secret Boards for Pinterest!!

12 Nov


As many of you know, I am completely obsessed with Pinterest. If you are still in the dark about what it is, I’m sorry for this and you need to jump on board with the rest of us. (you can read my old post about it right here!) Last week, Pinterest introduced to us the idea of having secret boards. LOVE this! With the holidays upon us, I love this idea because we can now pin ideas/things that we want to get for other people. For me this is perfect, I have “Secret Santa” at work and exchange with my family (who are on Pinterest). Now, they’ll have no idea what I’m thinking of getting them. Great idea Pinterest!! I’m so glad you came up with this.


To create a secret board on the web here’s what you have to do:

Go to your profile page and click on ‘ Add+’ from the top right hand corner.

Once you click on ‘Add’, this next window will appear and you want to choose “Create a Board”.

After you choose “Create a Board”, another window will appear for you to now name your new board and there you can decide if you want it to be private or not.


If you want to create this on your phone, first you need to make sure you have the most up to date Pinterest app installed on your phone.

Click on your profile and scroll all the way down until you see where it says “Secret Boards”

Once you click on “Create a Secret Board”, you’ll see this next window and then you’re ready to start pinning!!!


And that’s it!! Quick, easy and addicting!!

What are some ways you might use a Secret Board on Pinterest??

Feel free to follow my boards at:


Happy Pinning!!!




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