Friday Favorites

29 Nov

It’s that time of year, where we get together with old friends, meet some new friends and spend time with our families. I also love decorating my house for Christmas!!! There’s just something about feeling comfort and peace when my house is decorated. I wish I could keep my white lights up all year round!! But since Friday is right around the corner (and I can’t wait!), I thought I’d share my favorite things from this past week.

Favorite Winter Feeling: My house being decorated. Trees, snowmen, stockings, wreaths, you name it. I love it.


Favorite comfort food: This week has been beyond stressful for me. So instead of continuing to eat ‘healthy’, I spoiled myself with a delicious comfort food of mine~ Bacon & cheese pizza with fries. Talk about carbs!!! I’m going to be paying for this one for awhile. Lol


Favorite Holiday Movie this week: Home Alone~ I love a lot of holiday movies but this is by far one of my favorites. This past weekend, I had a nice quiet Saturday night after spending the day at my sister’s and watched Home Alone. This movie always brings me back to my childhood.

Favorite Event: My sister’s “Sprinkle” for her and my soon to be nephew. This past weekend, I threw my sister a “Sprinkle”. If you’re not sure what a Sprinkle is, it’s a smaller version of a baby shower for a mom-to-be with her second child (or third, fourth, etc). I held it at her house with our family and a few of her closest friends. It was a lot of fun! If you’d like to read about it some more, check it out on my sister’s blog

My sister and some of her friends. Even my sister’s dog,Riley, is hanging out with the girls.


What are some of your favorite things this season so far?


Hope you all had a great week!



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