Do you Clarisonic?

10 Jan


A few weeks back when I attended an open house at The Spa of Essex, I was introduced to the Clarisonic face cleanser and brush. I remember always seeing them in the Ulta flier or even in the store, but honestly never paid much attention to it. While I sat in on a facial deomstration, the skin care therapist started to use the Clarisonic brush. She was explaining how the brush moves in a circular motion and gets all of the makeup and dirt that is left behind from your face wash to the surface and leaves your face feeling clean. I of course in my head thought “yea, okay”. She then proceeds to say it also brushes away the dead skin cells on your face and lightly exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling very smooth. Now most you know we are taught to not exfoliate more than twice a week; but with the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Care system, you can use it every. single. day. Every day??? Really?? I was perplexed.

Leaving the open house that I night, I was sold on this new ‘machine’. I was dying to get one, but with Christmas right around the corner, I thought maybe I’d wait and hope for one. So I mentioned it to my mother and went about my business until Christmas morning, honestly forgetting about it. My 2-year-old niece, handed me a gift. Perfectly square and leaving me stumped on what it could be (honestly). I opened it up and there it was~ the Mia  in pink (my favorite color). I was ecstatic!!!

It was probably one of the best surprise gifts I have received in a little while. I could not wait until the next morning to try her out. My first experience with using Mia, will never be forgotten. I literally said out loud in my shower as I touched my face after using it, “holy crap!” and could not believe how soft and smooth my face was. And from that day on, it has been love. My face cream goes on my face so much smoother, it’s absorbed better into my skin and my skin looks even. I never in my life have sworn by an actual mechanical product more than I will with this. It is a-mazing!

The Mia has one button to turn on and it will automatically shut off in one minute (so easy to do when you’re in the shower). It comes with one brush head, but you can buy replacement ones or even extras. The battery is good to go for a good amount of time before you have to recharge it again and it is waterproof (I have mine in the shower with me). I usually wash my face first with my original face wash, I use Simple face wash, then I put on the Clarisonic face wash and “brush” my face. You will not be let down. I promise.

If you haven’t tried or purchased one, you really should consider looking into it. It is very safe to use every single day and you will never want to miss using it. Your face will thank you and in the mean time, I say “you’re welcome” 🙂

If you have any of the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing systems, which one do you have? Do you love it as much as I do?

Happy Cleansing!



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