Designer Dresses. Affordable Prices.

14 Jan

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It’s awards season and if you’re anything like me and you’re dreaming and drooling over all of the gorgeous fashion that crosses that red carpet and wishing for something that even resembles one of those dresses in a store, well drool, dream and wish no more! Rent the Runway has now introduced dresses that are similar and affordable for us to wear. I love how they have dresses for every.single.occasion!

You have a few weddings this year? Rent a dress. You’ll never have to worry about taking a picture in the same dress again, even if they are weddings that have different people at them. Milestone birthday or Vegas vacation? Rent a cocktail dress that will definitely turn heads. Or a simple first date? Impress him with a dress that will stop traffic.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up~ (you can use this link to help you sign up) you can create an account.

After your account is created you can then search for a dress. You can narrow it down by your size. You’re able to rent 2 dresses to make sure they fit. You can also select the date you need to rent it for and it tells you if the dress is available. You can select dates up until 6 months ahead of schedule if you want! The site even has accessories for you to complete your whole outfit. Once you receive your dress (and accessories), wear it to your event, and simply just put it back into the mailbox and send it off. Simple as that!

If you’re worried about making sure the dress fits, they have online stylists to help assist you, as well as customer reviews and a detailed fit for every dress. If the dress does not fit when you receive it or you’re unhappy about your order, they will issue you a full merchandise credit!

So no more dreaming and drooling ladies!! Click on the link above and join Rent the Runway!!

Happy Renting!



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