A little reminder

12 Feb

Almost a year later, we sometimes need a reminder 🙂 Here’s a look at my blog from last year.

The Glamourous Guide

“It is in the letting go that we become who we are meant to be.”~The Single Woman

A great quote by one of my favorite women. I have to admit, without her blog and Twitter page full of fabulous quotes, I would have never gotten by this past year and counting. And, I wouldn’t have become as determined as I’ve become if it wasn’t for her woman empowerment that she makes you feel when you read anything by her. She is the reason why I felt I needed to be honest to single women out there and write something about that dreadful day so many of us aren’t a fan of (and yes, I’ll openly admit, I’m not a huge fan of this day)…. ~Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what I want us to do ladies, I want us to not be dreading this day, I want us to really and truly…

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