CLEAR Scalp and Hair Therapy

24 Feb

Clear Shampoo and ConditionerAs a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, it has given me many opportunities to test out and review products. The latest I’ve had the privilege of testing out, and I gave my sister the other set to test, was the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Now for many years, I have spent a lot of money on salon brand products and I’ve also bought products at the drugstore. And I am sure there are many of you who are in the same boat as me. I will also admit, sometimes my hair could tell the difference from salon brand versus drugstore products; and there were other products where I knew I would never buy again.

When looking for a great shampoo and/or conditioner there is a certain criteria we, mys sister and I, have.  We like to see how it smells, if it lathers nicely and if it rinses out of our hair well. I know I also like to take into account what my hair is like when I am out of the shower and trying to get a comb through my mane. It’s even a plus when my hair feels soft and manageable while wet.

For the past week, we have been trying this new fantastic duo. To our surprise, it held up to all of our expectations. My sister and I liked the smell, the way it lathered and how the conditioner worked on our hair. We both have different textures to our hair and both of us were satisfied. My sister liked how she could run her fingers through it without struggling. I normally have to use a conditioner in the shower and then use a few spritz of a leave in conditioner all over my hair but with this conditioner I have now limited my spritz to only two just on my ends (huge improvement, trust me).

The fact that you can also buy this product at your local drugstore, Walmart, or Target is great advantage. Prices range from $5-$7 depending upon where you buy it.

If you’re looking for a product that has a salon brand result with a drugstore price, this duo is for you.

Happy lathering!


*Disclosure: I was provided two samples of  Clear Shampoo and Conditioner and all opinions in this review are my own.


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