Weekend Favorites

3 Mar

With a new month just beginning, and I couldn’t be any happier than I am, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from this week/weekend.

Favorite new treat

This past week I posted a new recipe from sister, Chocolate Mug Cake. It is simply the best chocolate fix ever!

finished product

Favorite Saturday night activity

Last night was a night for myself. I love having those kinds of nights~ candle lit, magazine in hand and a blanket. Simply perfect. I’m now adding this magazine to my monthly readings.

Click on the picture to check it out.


Favorite weekend activity

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a Boston Bruins game with my step sisters in style thanks to my step-dad. We had such a great time, and it was even better because they beat Tampa Bay 3-2.

saturday activity

Favorite TV shows of the week

With winter still upon us, I am relying on my mindless entertainment shows to keep me busy while staying inside. This past week, my DVR was on overload. Here’s a look at some of the shows that entertained me.

tv show collage

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Here’s to a new week!!!



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