Day 4: Best Childhood Memory

5 Mar

Best childhood memory. Well, what shall I call my childhood. The time from when my family was together as one, or the time from when my mom raised two girls on her own.

I feel like I grew up with two different childhoods. When my family was ‘one’, I had the best childhood. I remember going on many family vacations, taking part in dance and cheerleading, growing up with family and friends around our house because we had the best yard with an in-ground pool and always being happy.

Then came the childhood that began at age 12~ my family became two separate families. This is the childhood that I remember so vividly. My mom gave us everything and anything that we wanted. She would work a million and one jobs just to make sure we could have and do what we wanted. I remember growing up with the best girlfriends that were going through what my mom, sister and I were going through. We had the best support system and had many laughs during our weekly Friday night dinners with these other single moms and their daughters. I also love that I still see and have these girls in my life. It’s a bond that can never be forgotten. There is something to be said about single moms and their daughters. They become more than just mom and child. You become best friends. This childhood that I was given at the age of 12 because my dad and mom got divorced, was the best childhood I could have ever asked for.

21 years later, I have my childhood to thank for the woman I am today. My mother was the best, and still is, role model any girl could ask for. She was strong, independent and resilient and showed my sister and I that a woman can do and be anything she wants to be. Because of her, I am the same strong, resilient and independent woman she was at my age (minus the 2 kids). I hope that one day, I can give my daughter/son the same childhood my parents gave me.





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