Day 12~ Something I miss

13 Mar

Day 12’s challenge asked us to talk about something that we miss. There are many things that I miss. I couldn’t just name one thing, so I decided to do a list.

1.  I miss being in a relationship.

2. I miss owning a dog. Having grown up with one my whole life and now living in an association where they don’t allow them, puts a damper in me getting one.

3. I miss being young and free.

4. I miss being in college.

5. I miss living with someone. As much as it’s nice to live by yourself, there are days I wish I had someone to just hang out with and watch tv with.

6. I miss Friday night television from my childhood. I SO looked forward to Full House.

7. I miss being to go out all weekend with my single friends and not need 2 days to recuperate. Lol

8. I miss not having money ‘rule’ my life.

9. I miss when I would spend every single summer day in my pool with my family and friends. Every day was like a big party.

10.  I miss the days when people actually called you on the phone to talk to you.

forever young

What are some things you miss?




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