Day 14~ Ipod? What’s that?

14 Mar

What’s on my iPod?? Hmmm the last time I used my iPod, I honestly can’t remember. It was last year at some point because once I started running I was using my iPhone more often because of the Nike running app. I will say however, I’ve got some good music that I listen to. Music is my life. I love to dance, feel the beat and just let my body move to the music.

So for today’s challenge, here is what I currently listen to: iheartradio

My favorite stations are:

Jay-Z~ love listening to him in the morning or when I’m working out

jay z














Pitbull~ need I say more. He gets me in good mood and pumped when I’m working out

















Sara Bareilles~ LOVE her. She is good for when I need down time in the car or even on rainy days I throw her on.















Ellie Goulding~ I’ve recently have become a fan of her. I love the style of her music.
















Mumford & Sons~ Great music to have on when I’m doing work.















Justin Bieber~Yes. I love the Biebs. Haha















Do you still listen to your iPod??




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