Day 15~ Me? Awesome? Ab-so-lutely!

17 Mar

I’m behind a few days but I am determined to get them done. Day 15 asked us to list 10 ten things that make us awesome. Ten things?! Yes, I think I’m pretty awesome, but I’ve got to admit, this list was not that easy. But I guess that’s why it’s a blog challenge! Makes us think and reflect.


10 Reasons why I’m awesome

1.  I am honest. This can sometimes be to a fault, but I’m the person who is saying what everyone else is thinking. I’m the type of person who will be honest with you and I expect for people to do the same for me. But we all know that that only happens in a perfect world, and sadly my friends, we don’t live there.

2.  I am loyal to you til the end. Which also can go hand in hand with number one for me. I am the most loyal person you will meet. However, if you betray me, lie to me, or lose my trust, I just cannot be loyal to you. I will not seek revenge (like some people would do), I’ll just let karma work her magic.

3. I am a great teacher. Not only am I great at my profession, teaching lovely 11-12 year old cherubs every day, but I am also good at teaching life lessons~ aka giving advice. I find that being a great communicator can help people with anything. Communication is key and I just don’t understand how some people don’t.

4. I am a really good writer. Not only just in my daily posts, but I can tell someone how I am feeling in a letter or email. I find a lot of solace in my writing and I also think you can feel someone’s true emotions in their writing. It really is a talent to be able to get your point across with words.

5. I am a fantastic aunt. I LOVE my niece and nephew with all of my heart. I would give up my life for them if I had to.

6. I am a dancer. I have a love for music. I also can pick up any choreography and execute it out. I truly love expressing myself in a piece and truly enjoy it at the same time.

7. I am funny. I know a lot of people think they are funny and I for one don’t think I’m comedian funny, but I will say that I have great quick wit, good one liners and unfortunately I am very sarcastic ( I can thank my father for that one). I have had friends say that I should have my life taped because it is that entertaining.

8. I love with all I have. This can be a fault of mine but I think it’s a pretty great trait to have. Not many do this wholeheartedly.

9. I have a big heart. I love helping people, giving to important causes and doing anything I can to support the people I love and care about and their dreams.

10. I am a strong, driven, independent woman. Yes as Destiny’s child has sung, “I’m a survivor….” that’s me. I have gone through the worst relationships possible, have had people betray and lie to me, and in the end, I have continued to come out on top. It has taken me a long time to realize I am perfect the way I am (granted there is always room for positive improvement). I am learning to truly trust in the process.


What makes you awesome??




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