Day 20~ Yes, I do collect things

21 Mar

For anyone who is close to me or even has been to my house knows what I collect. I am obsessed with anything that has quotes on it, any picture of a flower and I could literally buy picture frames every time I step foot into a store. These are things that make me happy and smile on a daily basis. Every time I go shopping with my mom (usually our Saturday ritual) she tells me no more buying of these things. She feels I have enough. I on the other hand disagree. Which isn’t a surprise. Aren’t mothers and daughters not supposed to always see eye to eye?


Ps. Top right is an art piece I did my senior year of high school πŸ™‚

One of the few pictures I have of my own hanging in my house.



P.P.S. Top right of this frame are two sheets of paper that have daily devotions/quotes on them that I printed out 3 years ago.

I had received them in a new year’s day email and I have been reading them daily ever since.

What do you collect??




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