Day 25~ My location

25 Mar

If you’ve been following my blog challenge, you might notice I forgot to do day 24. Honestly I couldn’t think of my most embarrassing moment so I’m just moving onto day 25 for now.

Today’s challenge wants us to describe our current location. Well, right now I’m on my couch blogging while my dryer is running and my living room floor is covered in piles of clothes and a suitcase that is waiting to be packed.

Other than that, I live in America’s smallest state, Rhode Island, which is known as The Ocean State. Many times I have complained about living here and I always say that I wished I had lived somewhere else. But when I travel and come back home, I really do appreciate what I have here. There are 400 miles of scenic coastline, featuring 10 state beaches. I love that I live 25 minutes from my favorite beach. Once the weather starts to get nice, I think nothing of it to take a drive down there, even if it’s for just an hour.

We are home to Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, who grew up in the same city as me~Cranston, in which I also teach in. Our capital city, Providence, has also really been improving over the past decade or two. There are a lot of wonderful restaurants, especially Italian, which I love. Newport is a beautiful place to travel to in the summer. The Tennis Hall of Fame is located there as well as many famous mansions, which were summer homes centuries ago to many prestigious families. Block Island, which is just an hour ferry ride away, is a great place to visit for the day or make a long weekend out of it. You can also travel there with your boat if you have one.

Rhode Island has a lot to offer from the business end and on the education side. We are home to the famous jewelry line, Alex and Ani, which was also started in my hometown of Cranston and her corporate offices are also located there today. We also have many reputable schools in our little tiny state~ Brown University, Providence College, Johnson & Wales, and Rhode Island School of Design just to name a few. Providence is also home to StyleWeek Northeast, where I am also an Operations Director. StyleWeek Northeast brings emerging designers and buyers together for a week-long fashion event that is located at the Biltmore Hotel twice a year. We also have had two designers be featured on the show Project Runway.

There are so many great things about my location, I could go on. If you ever visit here, summer time is the best time to come. You won’t be disappointed.

the breakers

The Breakers
One of the mansions you may visit if you travel to Newport.

alex and ani

Favorite pieces of jewelry I wear daily.
Positive energy.

styleweek northeast

What is your location like?




One Response to “Day 25~ My location”

  1. Laura Greene March 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    That mansion is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous! And all those beaches; I am insanely jealous!

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