Becoming the best me

21 May

get fit

Why hello there! I know I’ve been missing for a little over a month, but boy have I been busy. I have turned my energy into positive energy. My health and fitness physique have become my main focus. On April 14, I attended my first Beachbody instructor training, I wrote about it in a previous post~ it’s a must read. I joined Beachbody as a coach back in November/December, right after I ran my first 5k. The fitness bug had officially bit me.

For the past month, I have dedicated my spare time, to planking, working out, completing the instructor training and eating healthy. And I have to say, it has been life changing. I feel great, lost some weight and an inch so far around my waist. I will admit that during this challenge it was tough, but with the support of the 30 day May challenge group members, it’s been helpful. Following Michi’s ladder (a Beachbody clean, healthy eating way of life) has changed the way I cook my food and choose the food I put into my body. It’s crazy how food literally makes you feel a certain way.

Not only have I had a positive result in my eating habits and weight loss, I have increased my muscles in my core. By planking at least 5 times a week, I have strengthened my muscles and increased my time every.single.time; even if it is for a few seconds or even minutes. I encourage people to try it and I have had friends of mine join in with me. It’s very contagious and once you start it, it becomes a contest against yourself and the clock. You never want to let yourself down and it feels like a huge accomplishment every time you are done. If you would like to join or see what it’s about, follow me on Instagram: Ecal831 or leave a comment below. I honestly cannot wait to make planking, Beachbody products and programs contagious and everyone gets involved.

Now that I have my certification to teach Hip Hop Hustle, the world better watch out!

Summer is coming and not only do you want to look your best but feel your best!!! That my friends, is the most important!

plank collage

I increased my time by one full minute in only a week’s time!!! It is possible!!!


woohoo! i did it

Woohoo!!! My certification!!

Get planking and hustling!



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