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15 Jul
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Photo credit:

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you truly live in California, but are just visiting in reality, the apartment complex I’m currently staying in is the perfect getaway. It’s located directly behind the Chinese Theater that is located on Hollywood Blvd. The apartment is located on North Orange street and there is so much to do and see, and the best part is,  it’s all within walking distance.

Wake up in the morning and take a stroll to the local Starbucks while you read all the celebrity stars. It’s only minutes away from Universal Studios City Walk and Venice Beach is just a short ride away. This is the perfect hide away and it’s reasonable. The website we used to find it is It’s great to feel like you’re in an apartment rather than a hotel. Ours has two bedrooms, each with a bathroom. There’s a small kitchen where you can buy food to save some money if you don’t want to always eat out. It also has the common area with free Wi-Fi, cable tv, and a dining/living room area. If you only need to book one room you can. Each room also comes with it’s own set up keys so you can lock up when you leave.

So for your next trip, wherever the wind may take you, think about checking out AirBnB!!!

Happy staying!!


For more pictures head on over to the website: Room with bath next to the stars

If you’d like more information contact the owner Erica:


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