A mother’s advice

8 Sep


Growing up with my mom and my sister, after my parents divorced, is when the three of us really become our own little family. Throughout my teenage years, into my twenties and now thirties, my mom was always there for me and ready to give advice even when I didn’t need it or want to hear it. But I have to say, until this day her voice and words are always in my head!

Just the other week, about a week before school started, I was shall we say, ‘presented’,  with exes, or men that I care to not see anymore, that were once in my life. They just kept popping up every where I went. So annoying! We all know what this feels like and it’s not very comfortable. Our minds drift off for a quick millisecond of what our past was like and it reminds you of your hurt.

So during one of these encounters, my mother happened to be there with me and she said something to me that literally struck a nerve and I had an A-HA moment.

I was on my rant about “Ugh, why does He keep punishing me by putting me in these situations.”  “Why must I be reminded of the jerks I’ve had in my life?”  I know I can’t be alone on these thoughts, but let me tell you, the next statement will be what you need to hear as well.

My mother looked at me and said,”Erica, they’re not punishments for you. Maybe you’re meant to be lesson or a reminder for them. It’s not always about you.”

Honestly, I never ever stopped and thought about any of those situations throughout my life in that light. I always felt I was presented those encounters as lessons for me, when they could’ve been lessons for them at the time. Think about that the next time you are faced with someone who hurt you. Believe that you are not being punished for something by running into them. You may be just the lesson they needed to have at that very moment.

Thanks Mom! me and my mom

Listen to the advice!




One Response to “A mother’s advice”

  1. Stephanie September 10, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    What great advice! Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady 🙂

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