A day the world stood still

11 Sep


It was a sunny, hazy morning just like today. Thousands kissed their loved ones good bye for what would be their last kiss, saw their children and babies for the last time and boarded planes heading for a destination they would never get to. This was a day the world as we knew it stood still.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001. It is a day I will never forget nor should I. At that time being the age of 22, a senior in college, life was good. However on that fateful September day I got that dreadful phone call. As I turned on the television and saw in horror what was happening before my eyes, the second plane hit. I dropped to the couch and just cried, like many of you did. That whole day I was glued to the TV and just couldn’t believe what was happening to our country.

Every year that has followed, I like to remember every single person, all 3,000+,  that was a true hero of that day~ the responders, firefighters, policemen, civilians, families who lost loved ones (I can’t even imagine what they have gone through), and all of the military who continue to fight each and every day for our freedom in this beloved country we call home. Many lives have been lost since that day and they must never be forgotten either. The people who survived and have to live with this horrific memory, must never be forgotten about either. Yes, they survived but they will never be the same.

12 years later as I sit in my classroom with my students so innocently working, most were just babies, have no recollection of how our country was prior to when they were born. It’s a day they “know” about but to them it’s just a day in history. Never be afraid to talk about it to children. It’s a piece of them that they need to be told about.

I hope within the coming years, this day becomes a national holiday. A day we reflect and never forget.


With love to all my heroes,

We will never forget.




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