The infamous question all singles love

10 Oct


This month I decided to jump on another blog challenge by one of my favorite people, Mandy Hale. I’m starting a few days late, but I’m going to give it my all to try to write for 30 days.

For the first post we have to answer the question that everyone loves “And why are YOU still single?”

Hmmm…..don’t we, as singles, all just love this question. Come on raise your hand! You know you do. Haha Just kidding. We all know we dread this question every time it’s asked and lately, if I got paid money for every time it was asked, I wouldn’t have to have a part-time job.

I was actually asked this very question just the other day by my Nana (God bless her). It was actually a quite entertaining conversation that went something like this:

Nana: when’s it gonna be your turn?? I’m getting old you know. (as she giggles)

Me: (laughing) yea… Umm I’m not sure. I think he got lost.

Nana: well you better find him. Or at least make it your business to find him. Men need help you know!

Now, at the time, it didn’t bother me as much because it was coming from my 85-year-old Nana, however, when this question arises from people who ask in a condescending way, or from people who ask all the time, it gets very old, real quick.

Not having had a serious boyfriend for a couple of years ( the boys I’ve dated don’t really count because they were boys not men. If they were men, I’d be with one of them right now Lol) it baffles me on why I’m single. I sometimes sit with 2 of my fabulous girlfriends (who are also single) and try to figure out why on Earth are we single.

I have come to conclusion that I am single because I refuse to settle. After many hurtful and “learning” relationships, I have realized that I do deserve a healthy, loving relationship. There will be a man who will move mountains to be with me. He will support me and be proud to call me his woman. He will be the one who will give me my space and let me do my thing because that’s what you do. You compromise, you love, you support, and most of all, you trust.

At the age of 34, did I think I’d be here? No. Maybe, I need to take my Nana’s advice and give him a little help. For all I know he could be right under my nose (or so they say). But until then, I will continue to live my life to the fullest and enjoy all of the wonderful things that I have had come my way, people and experiences included. And hopefully, while I’m on this journey, he will come along and join me on this crazy, wild ride of life.

And to the next person who asks me this ridiculous question…..

She is me. She is you.

How do you respond when people ask you this question?

Embrace your life!



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