How to achieve the perfect brows

4 Apr

I for one truly believe your eye brows can totally make your face. It’s funny to stare at them and say to yourself, “Am I really staring at hair above my eyes?” It’s weird, right?

When I was 21, that was when I first touched my eye brows (waxing my lip was another story). My esthetician the time always said I had a gorgeous natural arc and didn’t want to touch. I finally at my now truly adult age, decided it was time to clean them up. Since then, I have trusted the eye brow shapes of the world to shape them for me. I never had the courage to do them my self (nor did I like the pain from the tweezers).

I tried the occasional plucking in between but that was it. I also jumped on the threading band wagon, but I have to admit, that hurt like hell. And now I’m back to waxing and I couldn’t be happier. Every two weeks, I trust my esthetician at Rinnovo, hands down best salon I’ve been to for skin care, to shape my eyebrows. Doesn’t help that Miss Universe Olivia Culpo went there or goes there when she comes home.

If you are one of the women that fall into the category of having the courage and talent of shaping your own, this post is for you.

8 Do it yourself steps on how to achieve the perfect brows


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