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Sneak peek into Rhode Island’s first The Container Store

16 May

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Every organizers dream is coming true! Rhode Island’s very first The Container Store is opening up this weekend in Cranston, RI. This will be there 66th store to date.

I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement when I was arriving at the VIP party last night. As an organizer and fanatic of revamping my household, I couldn’t even contain myself when I stepped foot in there.


As I walked around, I was so impressed with how everything was laid out and that each department was not overwhelming.

Here’s a look into some of my favorite things that I will most definitely be purchasing:

For Travel

Drawstring Jewelry Pouch~ Durable, water-resistant and made from nylon. It has a padded base and it has a drawstring closure.

Waterproof Pouches~Ingenious SealLock™ closure keeps water,  sand and dirt out. The ultra-clear window allows for full use of touch screen and voice options.

Critter Luggage Tags and Destination Stripe Luggage Tags  ~ These tags are so cute and different! Make your luggage stand out with any of the above. Both are made from durable plastic.                       

Pack This! Classic Checklist~ Can we say this list is genius!? Even for the most organized person, it’s great to have on hand to remind you of things you need to take when you’re traveling.

For the Home ~ Closet edition

The Container Store is known for their elfa line. This is one thing, I need to get my hands on. You can either go into the store and meet with an elfa expert or try and design your very own design on line. It’s amazing how any closet space can be totally utilized if done correctly.

Primary Tubular Hangers ~ I’m ususally one to just pick white or maybe one color. But I love the idea of maybe using a color for my shirts and another color for pants, etc.

Our Shoe Boxes ~  Exclusive to The Container Store only, these clear plastic boxes are wonderful to have for your shoes. If you looked into my closet (which I have posted on here) I have all my shoes in their boxes, but it is sometimes hard to tell which shoe is which. These boxes are brilliant!!

For the Bathroom & Laundry Room

Sometimes our bathrooms and laundry rooms don’t get enough love or organization that they should.

Acrylic Lipstick Risers and 12-Section Acrylic Nail Polish Riser ~ Both are made with durable clear acrylic, which makes them long lasting. The acrylic nail polish riser is exclusive to The Container Store.

Large Overcabinet Hair Dryer Holder~ This is what I need in my life. I’m so tired of just throwing my hair dryer under my sink and making it get tangled with everthing. This overcabinet holder is perfect! It’s made from metal with a nickel finish.

3-Section Acrylic Hinged-Lid Box~I don’t know why I never thought to put my three things together but this would make my morning routine a little bit easier and more organized.

Large Micro Mesh Bra Wash Bag~Now this. This I need. I have mesh bags that I wash my delicates in and usually put my bras in so they don’t get ruined, but this will keep the shape of our bras, which is the most important.

White 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer~ I can’t even explain how much I love these. I have them in my bathrooms and my kitchen. They helped keep the underneath so much more organized. No more of just throwing things under the sink to never be seen again.

For the Jewels

How many of us keep our jewelry out on our bureaus or in those tiny little pouches? I know I’m guilty of it. These organizers allow you to see what you have. Jewelry of all kinds, is meant to be worn and seen! Let it stand out ladies!

Premium Acrylic Chest~This is what I need to have in my life. I love the whole idea of being able to see it right there in front of you, displayed beautifully.

Expandable Jewelscope Jewelry Tree by Umbra~This tree features 8 branches and expands from 15″ to 23-1/2″ in height. Perfect for some of those long necklaces you may have.

Small Stacking Acylic Trays ~ These are also another affordable way to keep your jewelry looking organized. It’s 100% acrylic the tray has 8 adjustable dividers.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and have created some ideas of your own. Make sure to stop by their Grand Opening this weekend!!!! The Container Store has partnered with Crossroads Rhode Island is donating 10% Grand Opening Sales to them.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! What will be something you definitely want to buy?

Happy organizing!



A break from my current life? Yes, please!

4 Sep

It’s hump day and what better way to end it than to dream of what I would do if I could take time off from my current life. Well, today’s topic asks us to write: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? Well where do I begin.

I would (starting tomorrow hypothetically)

1. Travel to New York and attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


I have the privilege of  working for StyleWeek Northeast, Providence’s very own fashion week that occurs twice a year, however, it is my dream and on my bucket list to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I love how there is so much that takes for it to come all together. I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone puts in, in order to have a week where talented designers can showcase their upcoming line. It takes an army to pull it off and I would love to someday attend and in my real dream world, work a show like I do here in Providence.


2. I would travel to Europe~ London and Paris



I have always wanted to travel here. I love the accent, the sites and attractions. (Plus who doesn’t love the Royal Family!)



I’d hate to admit it, but ever since I saw the Love Bridge on an episode of the RHBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, yes I know!!) and KKUTK (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), I want to go this bridge and put a locket on it. And who doesn’t love the Eiffel Tower!

3. Live in New York City and work at Glamour Magazine for a week as a writer for their website in the beauty department


For everyone who knows me, knows how much I love my magazines specifically Glamour. And you will probably also know it’s my dream to one day be a professional writer/blogger for an online publication. I currently have the privilege of being a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine and already get to do something kind of like this on the side by reviewing products for them, but I would love for it to be my job.

And last but not least……

4. Relax


I would take these three months to spend as much time as I could with my family and soak up every relaxing moment. Life is too short and we all need to be cognizant of appreciating the people we have in our lives for they are the ones who stand by you through thick and thin.



What would you do if you could take three months off??


Happy dreaming!!



New love for navigation

8 Aug

You know we all love to hear that famous ladies voice “re-calculating” on our navigation device and sometimes our devices are not up to date. I know the one in my car isn’t and it can be very annoying at times (not to mention That Voice).

While traveling on the West Coast a few weeks ago, we were introduced to this new app for your iPhone or Android called Waze. It’s the fastest growing trend for navigation. It’s free and very easy to use.

I just recently used it today to get to CT to see my friend. Normally I use my navigation, but with this neat little app, it tells you if there’s traffic up ahead (which I suggest you listen to the directions), if there is car broken down, or even if there are cops ahead. The way it knows all of these things, are other Waze users and passengers are letting the rest of the community know.

It also gives you alternate routes to get to your destination. For instance, I was traveling on 95 South today and was supposed to get off at a specific exit to get to Route 9 (the normal route I travel).  However, this fun little app informed me there was traffic ahead (actual standstill traffic). I thought I would outsmart it and continue on, but I was wrong. I decided the last minute to get off where it was telling me (thanks to the red brake lights!) and avoided a good 45 minutes of traffic (I’m assuming this because anyone who has traveled through Connecticut knows you are stranded once you’re in it).

I got off the exit it was telling me to (along with others) and I ended up at my destination only 6 minutes passed my original destination time. Which I don’t really mind considering I could have still been sitting in that glorious traffic!! As I was continuing on my merry way, I also saw other Waze users around me on my app. Which is pretty cool.

If you have a GPS system that you’re not in love with, or don’t have one at all, I highly suggest downloading this app. You get to create a profile, cute little character and get to your destination traffic free!! What’s better than that?!

Showing you the other drivers around you as well as a police officer and construction.

Showing you the other drivers around you as well as a police officer and construction.
Photo credit:


Police, accident and traffic icons.  Photo credit:

Police, accident and traffic icons.
Photo credit:


Menu and Report screens. Photo Credit: My phone

Menu and Report screens.
Photo Credit: My phone

Happy driving!!!



California Travels Part 2….

30 Jul

Two days in La La Land is never enough, but staying right off of Hollywood Blvd was good enough. I was able to see and do everything I wanted to. If you want to stay on a different side of town, head on over to Sunset Blvd in the WeHo area, or for us non Californians~ West Hollywood. We were lucky enough to stay at the Grafton on Sunset Hotel. It was absolutely perfect and in an ideal location.

Located directly next door to Skybar, one of LA’s well-known pools and hip bars, you’re able to walk on over and enjoy this luxurious hot spot. With an open pavilion style pool, an outdoor bar, and see some of the best of the best.

If you’re looking for a place to grab drinks and appetizers, head on over to Sunset Tower Hotelwhere some of the most well-known celebrities are known to frequent. The prices are affordable and the drinks and food are great!

The last place we frequented both mornings for a delicious breakfast, was the famous Mel’s Drive-In Diner. It was one the best breakfasts I have had while traveling and it’s beyond affordable. The staff is very sweet and are eager to please.

It’s fabulous that all of these places are in walking distance from the Grafton. If you want to venture off the strip, make sure you download the app called über. Download it right onto your iPhone or Android and you can instantly have your own private driver. Plus with your first ride, you will receive a code for a discount. It’s so simple and easy to use and very convenient. No more checking to make sure you have enough cash on you or worried about when you can catch a cab. The app allows you to connect it to any card you’d like. And the driver automatically gets the payment and tip. It’s that simple! The girls and I used this app the whole time we were in LA (plus it allows you to split a fare!!) We had a fantastic experience every time. I highly recommend this app.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a little bit of outdoor fun, check out LA Active Adventures. The girls and I did an early morning ‘hike’ through the Hollywood Hills called the Hollywood Sign Adventure. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the homes and history of the Hollywood sign, the two hours didn’t even feel like two hours. It was a nice 2.5 mile walk and we climbed MANY historic stairs!! I won’t tell you how many in case you decide to do the hike. But I will say, it felt great afterwards. It was also very nice because it was in the neighborhood and not the dirt trails we thought we were going on. I highly recommend this and you won’t be disappointed afterwards.

Photo Credit: Grafton Hotel, SkyBar Hotel, Sunset Tower, Erica

Photo Credit: Grafton Hotel, SkyBar Hotel, Sunset Tower, Erica

If you make it out LA, definitely check out these places. I had such a wonderful time walking around and shopping, I can’t wait to do it again.

Happy traveling!!


Disclosure: We paid for our own rooms and excursions. Opinions are all my own.

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