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40 Ways to Wear Short-Shorts and Not Look Cheap

22 Jul

With summer here, we know clothing gets smaller. However, it is also a time to show off our legs.
This is a great post from StyleCaster on how to wear short-shorts and not look cheap.


There’s an ongoing argument about shorts. More specifically, what length is too short, and whether the summer staple can be worn to work or other places you want to appear put-together. Here’s the thing: Most styles—even short shorts—can look remarkably stylish, but it all depends on the cut, the material, and the fit.

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When it comes down to it, most shorts out there are pretty short—unless you opt for aboive-the-knee bermuda styles or on-trend culottes—so styling them in a chic way is key. Skin-tight bootie shorts? Save ’em for the beach. High-waisted short-shorts that hit your thigh, have a wide leg, and look amazing when paired with a button-down blouse and a chic shoe? Perfect summer look. Just remember to keep the leg opening fairly wide, your top half pretty covered up, and your shoes not precariously high.

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California travels…

15 Jul
Photo credit:

Photo credit:

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you truly live in California, but are just visiting in reality, the apartment complex I’m currently staying in is the perfect getaway. It’s located directly behind the Chinese Theater that is located on Hollywood Blvd. The apartment is located on North Orange street and there is so much to do and see, and the best part is,  it’s all within walking distance.

Wake up in the morning and take a stroll to the local Starbucks while you read all the celebrity stars. It’s only minutes away from Universal Studios City Walk and Venice Beach is just a short ride away. This is the perfect hide away and it’s reasonable. The website we used to find it is It’s great to feel like you’re in an apartment rather than a hotel. Ours has two bedrooms, each with a bathroom. There’s a small kitchen where you can buy food to save some money if you don’t want to always eat out. It also has the common area with free Wi-Fi, cable tv, and a dining/living room area. If you only need to book one room you can. Each room also comes with it’s own set up keys so you can lock up when you leave.

So for your next trip, wherever the wind may take you, think about checking out AirBnB!!!

Happy staying!!


For more pictures head on over to the website: Room with bath next to the stars

If you’d like more information contact the owner Erica:

A little reminder

12 Feb

Almost a year later, we sometimes need a reminder 🙂 Here’s a look at my blog from last year.

The Glamourous Guide

“It is in the letting go that we become who we are meant to be.”~The Single Woman

A great quote by one of my favorite women. I have to admit, without her blog and Twitter page full of fabulous quotes, I would have never gotten by this past year and counting. And, I wouldn’t have become as determined as I’ve become if it wasn’t for her woman empowerment that she makes you feel when you read anything by her. She is the reason why I felt I needed to be honest to single women out there and write something about that dreadful day so many of us aren’t a fan of (and yes, I’ll openly admit, I’m not a huge fan of this day)…. ~Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what I want us to do ladies, I want us to not be dreading this day, I want us to really and truly…

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President Barack Obama’s Interview With Glamour Magazine

20 Oct

Nowadays, politics cannot be avoided. It’s even made it’s way into my classroom believe it or not. One thing I made sure to stress with my students is that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and you need to always be respectful.

As I sit and enjoy my lunch at a Panera Bread on this sunny Saturday afternoon, I was browsing around on one of my daily sites, I came across this interview that was done by Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive. Ladies we are a major part in this year’s election. There are many topics that effect all of us. Click on the link below to read this interview.


Election 2012: President Barack Obama’s Interview With Glamour Magazine Inspired:

Feel free to share what you think.


Happy Saturday!


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