Festival Fashions

17 Apr

Ahh Coachella!! One of the things that are on my bucket list. Hopefully next year the girls and I will make it!!! Great music, stars to be seen and fashion is it’s own. My friend Kelsey highlighted some of it’s fashion from this past weekend.


Festival Fashions



10 Life Lessons

8 Apr


I came across this article this morning on Facebook and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. A lot of us in our 30s may be struggling and trying to figure everything out. I know I am. I always jokingly say, “I must be going through a mid-life crisis,right?” This article was comforting to know that at this decade of ages, no we don’t know it all, really start to love yourself and what you have, and no you don’t have to have it all figured out.

For those of you struggling, or questioning things in your life~ relationships, jobs, friendships, etc.~ this article is for you. And if you aren’t one of “us” I still recommend you read it. There are 10 great life lessons we should all know in our 30s.


10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s



be HAPPIER in your HOME

5 Apr

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and normally I would running around crazy getting errands in or just spending time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be doing those things, or maybe I’ll do one or two later on, but for now, I’m enjoying me time. With all of our crazy lifestyles and schedules, you need to take time for yourself and not feel guilty of it. And believe it or not, it all starts in your home.

When I am stressed or in a state of anxiousness, making my home clutter free is not on the top of my list. I like to say I have “organized chaos”. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this! However, I do realize that when my home is is clutter free or even organized I feel better. I’ve been in a funk lately and the simple of act of making my bed had become a chore.

Something came over me the other day, and as soon as I got up, I made my bed and straightened out my bedroom. I can’t even describe the relief I felt. It’s like my bedroom felt different. Sometimes, it’s a simple act of making our bed that can help our day get that much better.

So on this relaxing Saturday, I started with making my bed, folding some laundry (which I also loathe but feel better after I do it) and did some reading. I’m going to make it a point to follow this 10 simple rules to be happier in my home. And if you’re like me and need a boost or a little motivation, this post I came across is for you.

It will make your life and home a whole lot better. I promise!

be HAPPIER in your HOME

Keep it simple and relax!!


How to achieve the perfect brows

4 Apr

I for one truly believe your eye brows can totally make your face. It’s funny to stare at them and say to yourself, “Am I really staring at hair above my eyes?” It’s weird, right?

When I was 21, that was when I first touched my eye brows (waxing my lip was another story). My esthetician the time always said I had a gorgeous natural arc and didn’t want to touch. I finally at my now truly adult age, decided it was time to clean them up. Since then, I have trusted the eye brow shapes of the world to shape them for me. I never had the courage to do them my self (nor did I like the pain from the tweezers).

I tried the occasional plucking in between but that was it. I also jumped on the threading band wagon, but I have to admit, that hurt like hell. And now I’m back to waxing and I couldn’t be happier. Every two weeks, I trust my esthetician at Rinnovo, hands down best salon I’ve been to for skin care, to shape my eyebrows. Doesn’t help that Miss Universe Olivia Culpo went there or goes there when she comes home.

If you are one of the women that fall into the category of having the courage and talent of shaping your own, this post is for you.

8 Do it yourself steps on how to achieve the perfect brows

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