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How bad do you want it?

21 Apr

Holidays are over and May is quickly approaching us. After completing my first round of 21 Day Fix and being blown away by my results- losing 5 inches around my waist and an inch around both my arms and legs. I’m ready for round 2!!!!!


If you’re ready to change your lifestyle to a healthy one, this program is for you. I’m running a Facebook challenge group in 2 weeks, beginning on May 12, so definitely head on over to my page and check it out.

21 Day FIX


Let’s get healthy!!



A look into my Fix plan

31 Mar

So as you know I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix. I thought I’d give you a glimpse as to what a meal of mine may look like.

Depending upon your weight, you will have a certain number of colored containers you’re allowed.

PortionChartThis is the category I fall into.


By looking at these containers, you’re immediate reaction is going to be, “How am I supposed to get full by eating out of those?!” Trust me, I did the same thing. But here I am almost 2 weeks in and it’s really easy and surprisingly filling to follow.

containersFor lunch, I used my red, yellow and green containers.

Having been away and didn’t get home until late last night, I had to go food shopping today. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought all my veggies and then Target for a few other things I needed for the week. Even though I am a picky eater, there is so much I like to eat on the 21 Day Fix.

food This week, I’m sticking to carrots, green beans, snow peas, watermelon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, zucchini, peas, ground beef and chicken. It’s amazing how many different meals you can come up. I still had some whole grain waffles and eggs left so I didn’t need to buy them this week.

For lunch, I cooked my ground beef with onion powder, minced onion and garlic.

photo 4

I then cooked my rice and made an egg ( I used egg beaters so I can put it in the microwave). Once my meat was done, I emptied the pan and put my rice and egg in there so it was kind of mixed together. I then popped my snow peas in the microwave to steam and voila! My lunch was done.

I measure out my meat and egg in the red container (2 out of 4), my snow peas were in my green (1 out of 3), and my rice in my yellow (1 out of 2). Below is the result is how much I actually ate!!! You’d think, “Wow! That’s a lot!” It looks it, but it’s not. I am always left feeling content and not over stuffed. I am amazed each time I eat a meal.

photo 2

I am so impressed on how I am doing on this Fix. It is amazing, easy to follow and it works. I’m going to be running a challenge group in late April if you’d like to take part in it. Contact me, send me an email or head over to my Beachbody page for more info.

Remember this isn’t a diet, just a healthy lifestyle we should all be adopting!!!


21 Day Fix

26 Mar

21 banner

Last Thursday I started the Beachbody 21Day Fix. For 21 days I will follow a meal plan of my own, drink Shakeology and complete the 30 minute workouts. I have always been one to try something new, sometimes sticking to it and love it or try something and hate it. I’ve tried the Beachbody 10 minute trainer videos last year and loved them; summer came and went, work started and I gained 25 extra pounds in 3 months and fell off the wagon. Not healthy at all. Especially when you have two doctors telling you, you need to do something!

So fast forward through the new year, and bring on February. I knew with my trip coming up this Month, I needed and wanted to do something immediately. I didn’t like the way I was feeling emotionally, mentally and physically; I was/am a stress eater and I was not going to get better by sulking in my house.

I had read all over my social media that Beachbody was coming out with a new product. The more I read about it, I said to myself, I can totally do this. I had already changed my eating habits by following Michi’s Ladder since last year (saw a huge difference until last fall) and knew I needed to do more. I wasn’t really exercising and I had no motivation to do so.

After talking with my Beachbody coach and friend, I decided I was going to commit to this new product. It’s only 21 days right?! Anyone can do this. Well, let me tell you I was never more excited to see a box outside my door. There, that very box, I knew held the key to my new healthy lifestyle. And in just 21 days I will feel better about myself. Which we all know is like a circle. Feeling good about ourselves by looking in the mirror literally affects every aspect of our life.

It’s only been 6 days and let me be honest with you. In just 3 days I had already noticed a difference. My bloating belly had gone down, I was eating throughout the day and I didn’t have that 3:00pm nap that I’ve grown accustomed to. I was finally eating foods that fueled my body.

Now that I’m 6 days in I’ve already lost 4 pounds and an inch around my waist. All from my meals being portioned out according to the containers, following the 30 minute workouts, and drinking Shakeology. And my meals are foods that I eat. Anyone who knows me knows I have an appetite of an 8-year-old. I was beyond elated to know this is something I can not only do and complete in 21 days, but continue even after.

I am so excited to see where I’ll be one week from now. I am also started the 30 day Shakeology Challenge with some people, so I will be held even more accountable.

If you would like to join my challenge or have any questions about the Fix, please don’t hesitate to comment. I am so excited that I have found something I can actually do and enjoy.


Happy 21 Day Fix!



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