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Sneak peek into Rhode Island’s first The Container Store

16 May

photo 2

Every organizers dream is coming true! Rhode Island’s very first The Container Store is opening up this weekend in Cranston, RI. This will be there 66th store to date.

I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement when I was arriving at the VIP party last night. As an organizer and fanatic of revamping my household, I couldn’t even contain myself when I stepped foot in there.


As I walked around, I was so impressed with how everything was laid out and that each department was not overwhelming.

Here’s a look into some of my favorite things that I will most definitely be purchasing:

For Travel

Drawstring Jewelry Pouch~ Durable, water-resistant and made from nylon. It has a padded base and it has a drawstring closure.

Waterproof Pouches~Ingenious SealLock™ closure keeps water,  sand and dirt out. The ultra-clear window allows for full use of touch screen and voice options.

Critter Luggage Tags and Destination Stripe Luggage Tags  ~ These tags are so cute and different! Make your luggage stand out with any of the above. Both are made from durable plastic.                       

Pack This! Classic Checklist~ Can we say this list is genius!? Even for the most organized person, it’s great to have on hand to remind you of things you need to take when you’re traveling.

For the Home ~ Closet edition

The Container Store is known for their elfa line. This is one thing, I need to get my hands on. You can either go into the store and meet with an elfa expert or try and design your very own design on line. It’s amazing how any closet space can be totally utilized if done correctly.

Primary Tubular Hangers ~ I’m ususally one to just pick white or maybe one color. But I love the idea of maybe using a color for my shirts and another color for pants, etc.

Our Shoe Boxes ~  Exclusive to The Container Store only, these clear plastic boxes are wonderful to have for your shoes. If you looked into my closet (which I have posted on here) I have all my shoes in their boxes, but it is sometimes hard to tell which shoe is which. These boxes are brilliant!!

For the Bathroom & Laundry Room

Sometimes our bathrooms and laundry rooms don’t get enough love or organization that they should.

Acrylic Lipstick Risers and 12-Section Acrylic Nail Polish Riser ~ Both are made with durable clear acrylic, which makes them long lasting. The acrylic nail polish riser is exclusive to The Container Store.

Large Overcabinet Hair Dryer Holder~ This is what I need in my life. I’m so tired of just throwing my hair dryer under my sink and making it get tangled with everthing. This overcabinet holder is perfect! It’s made from metal with a nickel finish.

3-Section Acrylic Hinged-Lid Box~I don’t know why I never thought to put my three things together but this would make my morning routine a little bit easier and more organized.

Large Micro Mesh Bra Wash Bag~Now this. This I need. I have mesh bags that I wash my delicates in and usually put my bras in so they don’t get ruined, but this will keep the shape of our bras, which is the most important.

White 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer~ I can’t even explain how much I love these. I have them in my bathrooms and my kitchen. They helped keep the underneath so much more organized. No more of just throwing things under the sink to never be seen again.

For the Jewels

How many of us keep our jewelry out on our bureaus or in those tiny little pouches? I know I’m guilty of it. These organizers allow you to see what you have. Jewelry of all kinds, is meant to be worn and seen! Let it stand out ladies!

Premium Acrylic Chest~This is what I need to have in my life. I love the whole idea of being able to see it right there in front of you, displayed beautifully.

Expandable Jewelscope Jewelry Tree by Umbra~This tree features 8 branches and expands from 15″ to 23-1/2″ in height. Perfect for some of those long necklaces you may have.

Small Stacking Acylic Trays ~ These are also another affordable way to keep your jewelry looking organized. It’s 100% acrylic the tray has 8 adjustable dividers.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and have created some ideas of your own. Make sure to stop by their Grand Opening this weekend!!!! The Container Store has partnered with Crossroads Rhode Island is donating 10% Grand Opening Sales to them.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! What will be something you definitely want to buy?

Happy organizing!



Day 1 | 5 interesting facts

3 Mar

Well it’s March and for me that means it’s blog challenge time. I did one last March and I absolutely loved it!!! For anyone who has every thought of starting a blog or gets stumped every once in a while on what to write, this is a great way to get you writing every single day. This year I am participating in NaBloPoMo ( National Blog Posting Month) from blogher.com . Definitely take a look at it and join!

For the first day, our prompt is to write 5 interesting facts about ourselves. I’m not going to lie, this was not easy for me. The more I kept thinking about it I kept saying to myself, “that’s not interesting” but then again to other people it may be. So here goes nothing.

1.  I was born in Houston, TX but raised in Cranston, RI. When my parents were young, my dad got a job that transferred him from our home state (RI) to Texas. Back then, in 1979, Houston was up and coming. Fast forward to August of ’79 and I was born. I remember my mom telling me stories of how she would walk me in the mall in AC because it was so hot and humid. I like to say I can blame her on my shopping problem. I love hearing stories from my grandparents on how they drove to come visit me in Texas and how different it is in the south. One year later my mom was homesick and my parents moved back to Rhode Island and I was raised in Cranston (where both my parents grew up as well). I would love to travel to Houston one day. It’s on my bucket list to visit and I hope to make it happen soon.


2.  I do not eat ANY fruit. Weird but yet interesting. If I have to, I will watermelon and apples on occasion. I am so afraid to try new things. I like to tell people I am a texture person- sight, color, smell, taste- they all scare me when it comes to fruit. I may have to talk to someone about it. Haha

no fruit basket

3.  I am a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine and I love it! For the past 3 years I have had many doors open and couldn’t be more grateful. This opportunity has allowed me write, test beauty products and get a job that I love.

glambassador logo

4.  I am like Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny when it comes to cars. Boy, did she know her stuff.  I literally know more than some men. I can thank my Papa and my Uncles for that. From the minute I had my license, they made sure I understood everything under the hood. They made me the independent woman I am today when it comes to my car. I know how to not get robbed when I go for something to get fixed because I know exactly what they are talking about. If I had to change a tire, I could. I think it is very liberating that I can honestly say I can make it on my own no matter what.

Marisa Tomei

5.  I could literally stay home all weekend and watch tv/movies and read my magazines/books. There is nothing better in the world than spending quality time with yourself. It’s one thing to be alone but it’s another when you actually like to be alone and enjoy your own company. This is something I highly suggest everyone learns to do.




Fabulous wrap up

10 Feb

It’s been 2 weeks since StyleWeek Northeast Season 8 has ended and we were fortunate enough to have John Greene of Greene Films, capture some moments behind the scenes. Below is a short video that is an eye into our fabulous fashion world.

StyleWeek Behind The Scenes by Greene Films (2014) from GREENE FILMS on Vimeo.




What I’m made of

3 Sep

With today being the first day of the new blog challenge I’m taking part in, the topic is really interesting for me and kind of appropriate since my 34th birthday just passed and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting since then.

Today’s topic asked us to: describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

As I sit and think about where or what I come from, I like to think of the silly quote people from Cranston may say, “You can take the girl out of Cranston, but you can’t take Cranston out of the girl.” It honestly couldn’t be more fitting for me right now. Having grown up in a city where everyone knows everyone it can somewhat be annoying, but yet when people ask me where I’m from, I proudly smile and say Cranston. Throughout my childhood and into my adolescent years, I made the best friends a girl could ever have growing up in this city. It’s funny how at the time you know how important these friendships are but yet still take them for granted at the time and it isn’t for 22+ years later that we realize how important they really are and that we truly are a bond of sisters. It doesn’t matter the time, the distance or space that comes in between us, we will never be separated. We have been through SO many things together no one on the outside of our bond could ever understand.

This past weekend, I was blessed to have these girls around me again for my birthday. With everyone’s schedules all over the place, it’s always so hard to get us all together. I was so happy that my celebration could be the occasion that got us all together. It was as if we were 17 again and having the time of our lives dancing away like we used to.

We continued to hug each other like we didn’t want to let go, and talked as if we had just spoken to each other yesterday on the phone, even though months may have gone by. These are the friendships that will forever mean the most to me. They know me, my life, my history and yet still continue to be part of my life, and vice versa.

These girls are the angels in my life, from going through parent divorces together at the age of 12 or one of them finding your then boyfriend going behind your back and saving you from a life time of heart ache. I will forever be indebted to them and cannot truly express how much they mean to me. I look forward to the days where we are old and gray and reminisce about our crazy days and continue to laugh and cry together like we have been doing since we 9.


Do you still have friends that you’ve know since your childhood??

Happy friendships!


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