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Spring cleaning your closet? Helpful tips to make it easier

7 May

Kate_BosworthNow that May has officially arrived, I hope you’re not like me and have put aside the task of spring cleaning your closet. Every morning I walk into it and literally just stare. I know it needs to be done, but it’s a task I’m dreading.

Looking for some tips or motivation, I came across this post from Who What Wear that has some simple and realistic tips. I may just have to write them down to remind myself. I always hold onto certain items and think, “Weeeelll maybe I’ll wear it.” And here it is a year later and it wasn’t touched.

Hopefully this weekend, I will finally cleanse my closet and feel better going into my work week and not just stare into my closet every single morning.

Remember to donate, donate, donate if you can. There’s plenty of bins around town or they’ll even pick up for you and consignment shops. Make sure you take advantage if you can.

I also found this checklist that may be helpful. Remember it’s just a guide and you may adjust it as you see fit.

Checklist from InStyle

Happy cleaning!



Time to start fresh

27 Feb

It’s almost spring time and if you’re anything me, I like to go through my closet and literally do a clean sweep. We’ve all fallen for the trends, that bag we just had to have or the shoes we love but hate because they kill our feet. All of these things are just taking up space and lately I’m learning to get rid of the clutter in my life and closet. If you’re not ready for the major life revamp, start with your closet.

Below is a quick guide I read on Refinery 29, to help you start somewhere. Before you know it, you can fill it up again with the hottest new trends, that new bag and the next pair of shoes that you will just love but kill your feet.

Keep or sell? 6 Clutter Culprits To Ditch Now


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